Dr. Mark Chan

陳國浩醫生, Dr. Mark Chan


  • 英國內外全科醫學士
  • 英國皇家內科醫學院院員
  • 英國皇家兒科醫學院院員
  • 英國皇家兒科醫學院榮授院士

陳國浩醫生已任職兒科醫生二十五年。陳醫生在英國修畢醫科學位後,隨後十五年曾於英國幾所著名醫院出任兒科專科醫生,並在回流香港十多年來一直於私家兒科診所執業。陳醫生不僅是英國Medical Royal Colleges註冊的兒科醫生,更是少數擁有英國GMC兒科及兒童腎科雙重資歷的專科醫生。

在著名的Oxford John Radcliffe和世界知名的Great Ormond Street兒童醫院工作過數載的陳醫生,亦曾於多達10所不同的醫院任職過,其中包括美國的Duke University Medical Centre及香港的瑪麗醫院。在這些醫療機構診斷過無數病例的陳醫生,汲取了充足的經驗及豐富的履歷,讓他成為一位全面的臨床醫生。




Dr. Mark Chan has worked as a children's doctor for 25 years. After his English medical degree, he spent over fifteen years working as a specialist paediatrician in Britain amongst some of the foremost hospitals. For the past ten years, he has been a private Pedi in Hong Kong.

A career and an experience that is remarkable because of all the different departments Dr. Chan worked in. Although spending some years at the famous Oxford John Radcliffe, and at one of the world's top children hospitals, Great Ormond Street, he has worked for extended periods at no fewer than 10 separate hospitals. He has also experience in the US while at Duke University Medical Centre, as well as Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. This really gives the breath and depth necessary to be an all rounded clinician.

He is a certified specialist in Paediatrics of the Medical Royal Colleges of United Kingdom, and is one of the rare doctors dually recognized in both Paediatrics and Paediatric Nephrology, being on both of the Principal Lists of the Specialist Register in the UK GMC.

On a more personal level, he does firmly believe in each child being an individual book, in a more delightful and fundamentally different manner than the best medical encyclopaedia. Therefore Dr. Chan is always very specific about his diagnosis, aiming to reach that much deeper to that personal dimension.

On a holistic level, there are enough occasions that time alone is the best healer. This applies not only to western medicine (where side effects are known), but also to almost all branches of medicine (where often the side effects are less studied). Therefore Dr. Chan often will give the least medicines but more of an explanation of the natural history of the disease.